Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai
Season Season One, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date October 29, 2014
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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A new Library Club is the fourth episode of Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai


After the bath, the girls are gathering their things as Tamamo asks Kodachi about her relationship with Kakei remarking they seem very friendly something Shirasaki says seems to be true. Kodachi slyly says they seem very keen to know causing the two girls to blush and deny such a thing. A blushing Kana and Misono put their attention to this as well. Realizing that the girls in the library club all have feelings for Kakei, Kodachi decides to make them all jealous by making up a supposed relationship between the two. After going ahead, the girls freak out while Kodachi remarks Kakei will certainly find someone.

Afterwards, the girls meet up with the boys with Tamamo and Misono giving Kakei the silent treatment. Kana then grabs Takamine, stating they need to hang out more because Kakei has more fun at home, leaving the latter confused and Kodachi amused. Shirasaki approaches Kakei and asks to talk privately, as he nervously agrees.

They go to a park where Shirasaki gave him cookies and asked if it was okay if she got his answer for his decision to stay in the Happy Project. Shirasaki soon confided into Kakei about her reason for starting the Happy Project was for her little sister who was in the hospital. When Shirasaki called herself an awful person for lying about her time in school, Kakei laugh an told her she was the opposite as she was making her lies true lifting her spirits and the two parted with Kakei promising to give his answer the next day.

When Kakei arrives at the library, he internally notes on how he had fun with great people but decides its over now. As he opens the door, he is greeted with a surprise birthday party from his friends. Confused, he asked if Shirasaki did this but she states they all put it together, with Tamamo stating Takamine was the one who remembered because Kakei previously told him. Kakei then partakes in the fun, where he blows out the candles and announced he has decided to become a full time member of the happy project. The club is happy, especially an overjoyed Shirasaki who happily embraced him.


  • Shirasaki accidentally made Kakei a maid costume which is named Kyoko.
  • This marks the beginning of Kakei's harem.
  • Tamamo's feelings for Kakei are hinted at but it won't be confirmed until episode 5.
  • Kakei celebrates his birthday making him the only character to celebrate a birthday.
  • Kodachi appears to want Kakei to be with one of the girls of the Library Club.
  • Shirasaki has a younger sister who is revealed to be the reason for Shirasaki's creation of the Happy Project.
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