Gizaemon relaxing

Gizaemon or Giza for short is a fat cat who is often in the Library Club room.


Giza is a fat black and white cat.

Giza has been shown to make faces in some scenes.

Giza was once seen with a hat.


He is somewhat lazy as he sits around or sleeps. Despite being a cat, he is very intelligent and understands his surroundings very closely. Giza gets along well with the club, such as Misono, Takamine, and Kakei.

He also has a perverted side as he poked fun at the chest size of Kana Suzuki and takes an interest in the well-endowed Nagi Kodachi.

Gizaemon often poses for pictures in a manly way and enjoys the attention he receives.


  • In episode 2, Shirasaki questions Kyōtarō Kakei how Giza came to be in the club but the latter had no idea.
    • It is possible, he is a stray who found his way to the school.
  • Nagi Kodachi is scared of him, mostly because of her fear of animals.
  • Senri Misono adores Giza, due to her love of cats.
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