Senri Misono
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Japanese 御園 千莉
Rōmaji Misono Sen'ri
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 16
Status Alive
Eye Dark Yellow
Hair Lilac/Pink lavender
Occupation Student
School Shiomi Academy
Japanese voice Nozomi Yamamoto

Senri Misono (御園 千莉 Misono Sen'ri) is a main character of Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai. She's a freshman student who became a member of the Library Club.

Appearance Edit

She is a teenage girl with short, pretty lilac-colored hair, and brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Most of the time she is expressionless, and seems to have a cool attitude. She enjoys solving cross word puzzles, though she is not very good at them. Her singing is at a national level. In school, she specializes in vocal music. Though she avoided attending her classes because she thinks that the teachers train her only for their own benefit.

At first, Misono thought everyone at the school were just around due to her reputation and as a result did not socialize with others. After joining the library club, her views of friendship changed and she even formed a bond with fellow member Kana Suzuki. Her time in the library club had a great impact on her as she was seen smiling more and developed a humorous side. Misono's time in the Library club allowed her to move past her sad childhood and give up her singing career and live a normal school life with her new friends.

History Edit

From a young age Misono's singing abilities are already outstanding, it was shown that she always hang out with Miyu Serizawa when they were still young. Her friendship with Miyu came to an end when she didn't give it her all on a competition but still managed to win regardless. From that point on, Misono earned the title of Song Princess and became well known but as a result was by herself.

Misono later became a member of the Happy Project in her school's library club where she became close friends with Kana Suzuki. She also developed a crush on Kyōtarō Kakei who helped her get over her past and encouraged her to make her own decision which led to her giving up singing and being the happiest she ever felt.


  • She has a great love for cats.
  • She is very afraid of bugs.
  • She is one of the three girls to have kissed Kakei, the other girls being Nagi Kodachi and Tsugumi Shirasaki.
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